Small Apps to Test 4 different Security Level in LogIn and SingUp Panel to prevent SQL Injection

hi dear visitors :)
prevent SQL injection C# .Net
i want to propose to you a small apps i've created in last night with .Net while a doing a some PenTests on
some Methods of creating Logins and subscribing controls panels :)

  • Hacked: simple login and signup method that have SQL injection
  • Secure:  simple secure panel login and signup that prevent SQL injection (no bad :) )
  • unsecureProc: more complexe methode, but have SQL injection too
  • securProc: good secure method useing parameters to prevent SQL injection (click her to source code)

so, this is an images show you my testing panel :

.Net Penetration Test

-Matrixar (direct link) : SecAdo .Net

-4shared : SecAdo .Net

see you in my next work ^^!
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