About Me

You’re probably very busy so here’s a short presentation give you some informations about me: 

My name is Abdennacer  a 24 year old developer from morocco.

Firstly, I'm a web developer, software programer & Security researcher.

Like most of us, I was born. Some years later I created my first website. I love sports and read the books that interested in studying the psychological humanity. I share my knowledge in informatics with others, with no limites via my new blog blog.votrecodeur.com (its in www.drupalstudy.com in the past :) ).

I've progress for many of the courses over the Web & i gain good Knowledge in many new technologies (examples: Cakephp 2, SEO,...).
I also studied at an University of sciences (biology) and then at an Institute of informatics development in my contry.
I've also enter into professional courses pertaining to the informations security (specialy the web apps security), and it helped me a lot to develop my ability to create more secure Web sites and softwares.

so, what about my skills in informatics?

Simply, a
developer who:

#begin using cyber computers since 2003-2004.

#begin blogging and create her first blog in 2009.

#Geek of Penetration Test (security tests & researches).

#DotNet Framework developer.

#CakePHP Framework developer.

#PHP Developer.

#Web designer.

#OpenSuse Lover (Linux distribution).

#Ubuntu Lover (Linux distribution).

#FreeBSD Lover (Free Unix distribution) "especially when it's in a hot cup filled with some shells :D ".

#Windows old user (2000/xp/server2003/vista/7/8) (^_^) ! .

#PHPMYADMIN and Cpanel Manager.

#ISPConfig Manager.

#SQL Server Manager.

#Apache HTTP Server Biiiiig Lover :) .

#..... & more :)

What about my services ?

In order to shorten this to you a summary of what I'm doing her:- Create professional websites.
- Recreate and development of
exist Web sites.
- Special SEO techniques to raise the value and the number of visitors to a web site.
- Create professional programs office and management depending on the demand with high quality and ease of use.

-Security Tests for your apps/website.

if you are interesting about what i'm doing, or if you need some of my services, please contact me on:
-Personal Email: devnasser@gmail.com
-Professional Email: web@votrecodeur.com
-Facebook page: facebook.com/votrecodeur
-Skype: votrecodeur

you can also send me a short mail, via the contact form located on the right side of my blog, or open online ticket using this link : Request .