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@lantic Internet is the largest independent consumer Internet Service Provider (ISP). @lantic has 195 franchised branches nationwide as well as 700 second tier resellers, and offer quality internet solutions to private users as well as to small and medium-sized businesses. @lantic company is a subsidiary of Vox Telecom Limited since 2005, is a South African-originated telecommunications operator, providing voice and data services to the South African consumer and SME markets. @lantic has been trading locally since 1996 and has since grown into one of the largest independent service providers in South Africa with a customer base of over 120 000 subscribers.[1]
@lantic is a franchise driven business with a national footprint of over 90 franchises and more than 500 second tier resellers throughout the 9 provinces of South Africa.

Explanatory note simplified about @lantic

 Industry     Telecommunications
Founded     January 1996[1]
Headquarters     Pretoria, South Africa
Key people     Neels Fourie, Founder
Douglas Reed, Acting Managing Director
Products     Communications
Website     Vox Telecom Limited

 @lantic History

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On 15 August 2005 @lantic Internet was sold to the Vox Telecom Group. @lantic Internet continues to trade independently as a division of Vox Telecom. This merger provides us with enhanced technical capabilities as well as excellent financial backing to expand our operations even further and increase our national footprint.
With a customer base of more than 160 000 @lantic is a serious player in the South African ISP arena.

Social investment of @lantic

In partnership with local South African communities, @lantic hosts a sevens rugby series for schools. It is aimed at the development of the youth through sport and with this sport receiving Olympic status from 2016, it acts as a formal pathway for schoolboys to progress to the South African national sevens rugby team. The series offers the opportunity for small rural schools to compete against large urban schools, which is not possible in other competitions.

@lantic Infrastructure

@lantic employs only the best – and latest technology available in our data centre. State-of-the-art solutions were introduced for our mail, web, DNS, and radius services to ensure reliability and redundancy.

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ADSL Support : Yes
Max Speed : 20480 kbps

Package Line Speed: 10240 kbps

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@lantic Community Involvement

We believe that we can make a difference in South Africa and that sport is the common denominator and equalizer for all South Africans.
@lantic’s local franchised outlets, which provide a national footprint, are closely involved with the development programs in their respective communities.
In partnership with the SA Rugby Legends Association @lantic embarked on an ambitious social development program during 2007 known as “Iqhawe” or Champion which focus on the following aspects:

    “How to drug proof the Youth” – drug awareness
    “No Apologies” - aids awareness
    “Life on the Edge” – handling life as a youth
    “Character Life Skills” – teaching worldwide skills
    “Spirit of Adventure” – bonding as a unit
    “Ethics” – teaching life’s principles

@lantic launched a 7’s rugby series for schools during 2007 in an effort to assist in the development of rugby in South Africa. The series offers the opportunity for small rural schools to compete against the traditionally larger schools which is not possible in any other competition.
The series will be expanded from 10 tournaments in 2007 to 16 in 2008.
10 Players are selected from these tournaments to participate in the Dubai IRB 7’s competition.

@lantic Products

@lantic makes it our business to stay on the edge in a very dynamic industry where needs and trends constantly change. The Company is geared to apply and introduce the latest products and services at very short notice.
Product range includes: ADSL & Dialup Connectivity, GSM based 3G/HSDPA, iBurst Wireless, Personal Hosting, Business Domain Hosting and a full Business Selection range which includes Antivirus and backup utilities as well as VoIP telephony and SMS solutions.

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